The Association

THE ASSOCIATION is one of the most popular and successful bands to have come out of the sixties. They have sold over thirty million records, earning six gold discs and one platinum. Their Warner Bros. “Greatest Hits” album continues to be one of the longest best-selling albums in the company’s history.

The Association’s number one hits, “Never My Love”, “Windy”, “Along Comes Mary” and “Cherish” still receive almost as much airplay as they ever have and are considered standards. Other notable songs include “Goodbye Columbus,” (the title song for the film) which was written and performed by The Association. It won the Golden Globe and Foreign Press Awards; “Requiem for the Masses”, “Time for Living”, “Everything That Touches You” and “Six Man Band” showcase the versatility, the carefully crafted vocals, and the intricately woven instrumentation that is the signature of The Association and that made the group. a cornerstone of American pop music.

In 1967, The Association was given the honor of opening The Monterey Pop Festival, the first international pop festival in America. The group entertained America on every major television variety show at the time: Ed Sullivan, The Smothers Brothers, The Carson Show, The Dick Cavett Show, The Andy Williams Show, The Carol Channing Special and, of course, American Bandstand and Shindig.

They continue to thrill audiences today all over the world!


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