The Ohio Express

Together since high school, the Ohio Express were the ultimate bubblegum band. Their lead singer, Joey Levine, sang like he had a huge wad of bubblegum in his mouth. His super nasal vocals are a bubblegum trademark. The band played tense go-go grooves with  chug-chug-chug-chug–chug-chug-chug-chug guitars & roller rink keyboards. Compared to most bubblegum bands, the Ohio Express were HEAVY.

Their first single, “Beg, Borrow And Steal”, had originally been recorded by the group under its old moniker in 1966 before it was reissued the following year by Cameo Records. Their biggest hit, “Yummy Yummy Yummy” is the foundation of power pop. It’s opening riff has been borrowed by everyone from the Cars to Judas Priest.  It was a ten million seller as was their next big hit, “Chewy, Chewy”.

During their 1968 – 69 heyday, the group put out several albums and a ton of singles for Buddah Records including “Sweeter Than Sugar”, “Mercy” and “Down at Lu-Lu’s”. Kasenetz, Katz and Levine kept sticking together hit after hit for the Express as its membership constantly mutated. The Express’s final chart bow was in 1969 with “Sausalito (Is the Place to Go)”.

Three decades later the Ohio Express remains dazzling with their truly good time happy music. The lyrics sound just as fresh and the arrangements are as much fun as they were then when the Ohio Express topped the charts.

Today, an international sensation, the Ohio Express has a huge fan base in Europe as well as the United States and tour all over the globe.

Sit back and get ready as original Tim Corwin, along with his band, will bring you back in time to the fun songs of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

On special occasions original Doug Grassel will also join the group.


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