Peggy March

In April 1963, 15 year old “Little” Peggy March scored a No. 1 hit with her instant smash “I Will Follow Him” which stayed at the No. 1 slot for an incredible 3 weeks.

With her first recording an instant hit, RCA Records discovered Peggy’s way with language – she had a phenomenal ear and could pick up any language in a very short time – and decided to go after a worldwide market. Soon Peggy recorded her hit song in a number of languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and German. She literally had the No. 1 record in the world!

Since her professional poise was far beyond her 15 years, it was hard to believe that Peggy would be unable to take advantage of the appearance offers coming in from all over the country. However, strict laws prohibiting minors from performing in establishments that served alcohol stopped her. She had to go abroad to show what she was capable of doing in the world of entertainment and her performances in every country in Europe were tremendous successes.

Through the years Peggy has recorded in 7 different languages. With great recording success, she found her career growing outside North America. Peggy has played almost her entire career in Europe and Japan. On both continents, she worked in the language of the land.

Peggy primarily appears in concert, does European Television, and performs for Corporate Conventions. She performed at the opening of the famous Hotel Ana in Tokyo with the lengendary Paul Anka. Peggy has also entertained at Corporate Events for Sony, Mercedes, Hilton, Philip Morris, BMW, Inter-Continental, Porsche, Bayer Chemical, Lufthansa Airlines, etc.

In 1993, “I Will Follow Him” soared to the public attention again. Internationally acclaimed actress, comedian, and personality, Whoopi Goldberg, featured Peggy’s song in her film, Sister Act, as the movie’s climax.

A tremendous reaction by the public to see Peggy perform live led her to commit to  engagements in the United States, besides continuing her appearances in Europe as she has for many years now.

Having sold millions of records around the world, and performed live in just about every country, it is very exciting to experience PEGGY MARCH LIVE.


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