Firefly Holiday Lights

This amazing display of more than 1.5 million lights features HOLOGRAMS,LASERS AND PROJECTION MAPPING, a technology of projecting animated computer graphics.Part drive-in, part tailgating event this is a wonderful way for families to still participate in the joy of Christmas and the Holiday Season.Well organized and highly produced, Firefly Holiday Lights!includes dazzling displays of light artistry themed intro scenes. As you drive, you can tune your car sound system to our dedicated FM radio channel where we will play holiday favorites and fun trivia to go along with the ride. During key parts of the ride, the highlights are the holograms effects that appear from thin air and appear like A Christmas Carol ghost! At other moments, dancing characters are animated as trees, bushes and other elements come to life thanks to our unique use of projection mapping. And of course you can’t leave the premises without going through a few of our amazing light tunnels, except that ours have an incredible display of lasers created by the award-winning laser-programmer Kelly Hamilton.


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